Bullying row still not resolved after more than a year

Councillor Robert Wainwright.
Councillor Robert Wainwright.

The row over allegations of bullying of staff at Ryedale District Council is still not resolved after more than a year.

Senior councillor Robert Wainwright questioned scrutiny committee chairman, Coun John Clark, at last week’s meeting saying a report had been repeatedly been put off by councillors investigating complaints from staff that they had been subject to claims of bullying by senior officers.

He said the council had allocated £10,000 for an investigation to be held in June last year and he wanted to see an open public report on the issue.

Coun Wainwright said he feared it would be further delayed in the next few weeks and the claim would then be made that the finding would be published too close to the council elections next May and it would then be shelved until the new council came into being.

Coun Clark said the matter was exempt from the public agendas and as such he was unable to say more.

However the report would be published “as quickly as possible”, adding: “It will be done properly. There are two factors holding it up but I cannot say more.”

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