Bus drivers star in new Channel 5 show

EYMS buses
EYMS buses
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Bus passengers in Scarborough could soon find themselves the stars of a new fly-on-the-wall television show.

A production company has been filming on buses in the town for a show which will be broadcast on Channel 5 in early 2014.

The employees of the East Yorkshire Motor Service (EYMS) are the stars of the show but no doubt the colourful characters who ride Scarborough’s buses will be the reason to watch the show.

A spokesman for Channel 5 told the Scarborough News: “The series has the working title ‘On the Buses’ and will feature the staff of East Yorkshire Motor Services as they go about their work during through the busy summer of 2013.

“The series will feature the general operations of the company from top to bottom; with crews filming behind the scenes in the board room and the control room, the canteens, the bus terminals and out on the buses – featuring a characterful cast of drivers and, of course, their passengers.”

Each show will be an hour long and is being made by the production company behind other documentaries such as 24 Hours in A&E, The Midwives and How to Find Love Online.

Bob Rackley, commercial manager for EYMS, said: “They have been filming with us now for about three months and are just about finished up now before they start putting it all together.

“We are all just excited to see what the final show looks like.

“I don’t think anyone working here has been looking for agent here yet though.
“They were interested in us because we are a privately run bus company with a large network of routes, which is unique.

“We also have a real mix of routes from city to rural areas.

“It was a strange request but we sat down with them and discussed what is was they were looking for from the show and then we said yes. We think it will also show the problems we have to overcome and the solutions we find.”

Signs were put up on the buses in Scarborough during filming, warning people that they may end up on television.

No fixed date has yet been given for when the show will air but it will be sometime early in the new year the producers hope.

The initial run will be eight shows long and depending on its success it may be picked up for a second series.