Business plan laid out to operate tuk tuks round Marine Drive

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A Scarborough businessman is hoping to bring a new form of transport to Marine Drive in the shape of electric tuk tuks.

Bob Roberts, who works in the fishing industry and subsea installations, believes the unusual vehicles would bring a new dimension to the seaside.

He is hoping to run the six-seater tuk tuks round Marine Drive and possibly along to the Sea Life Centre and Peasholm.

Mr Roberts said: “They are colourful and should bring a different and radical perspective to what has traditionally been regarded as seaside transport.

“It would demonstrate Scarborough as being at the forefront of leading the fight with regard not only to climate change, but also providing safe, clean, fun transport for the family on holiday.

“The roof can be removed when the weather is suitable and when not the seats can be heated.

“I envisage having side screens for those rainy days and nights to protect the passengers’ legs from driving rain.

“Colours can be varied and I anticipate something vibrant to add to the holiday atmosphere of the experience.

“I would also anticipate sponsorship advertising to enhance the holiday experience and of course to create business.”

As part of his licensing application to Scarborough Council, Mr Roberts also spoke about the importance of guarding against the “danger of stagnation” and creating new and innovative attractions.

He said: “Scarborough is quite unique with its bays and Castle and the natural scenery of which we are proud and guard very jealously.

“However I think there is a danger of stagnation and of course Scarborough Council have grasped the nettle by embarking upon the North Bay Development.”

Mr Roberts is currently waiting to hear back from the council about the application and is also awaiting a response from North Yorkshire County Council about the possibility of operating within a designated route between the Toll House and the Sands.