A model for success

THE daughter of a Scarborough carpet retailer has had her photograph taken by one of the top fashion photographers in the world as part of a £500,000 advertising campaign.

Anouska Wharton, 28, daughter of Trevor Wharton, was whisked down to London to be snapped by Trevor Leighton, who has the largest collection of photography at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

The pictures will be used as part of a national magazine and poster advertising campaign advertising independent carpet retailers.

Miss Wharton said: “They asked us if there was anyone in the family who would want their photograph taken to appear in the ads. So my dad nominated me. Instead of using models they wanted to use real people.”

“It was a full day and I was at the hairdressers for three hours and the photo shoot took about an hour and half. They would have taken me out for a meal and paid for me to stay over but I was going abroad the next day.”

All the models who star in the campaign are from similar independent retailers.

Mr Wharton, who runs the carpet shop in Ramshill which carries his name, said: “It was a great opportunity for Anouska and a fantastic experience for her to have her photograph taken by one of the top photographers in the country.”