A new ‘buzz’ for Pindar in job pledge

Press room manager Stephen Marshall with top  printer Jamie Chittenden who has been with the company for 23 years'Picture by Neil Silk  114641d
Press room manager Stephen Marshall with top printer Jamie Chittenden who has been with the company for 23 years'Picture by Neil Silk 114641d

York Mailing acquired Pindar’s print and bindery operation when the Scarborough firm went in to administration in July this year.

Since taking over, the company has invested £1 million in new machinery and taken on new shop floor staff.

Now operating as Pindar Scarborough Ltd, the business employs 191 workers and says it is firing on all cylinders under its new owners.

The client base has been growing, and was boosted on Wednesday when the firm won a new £4 million print contract, the company said yesterday.

Managing director Mike Newbould said: “Pindar Scarborough has a fantastic name within the UK, its a very very strong brand and they produce a fantastic product here which is quite unique within the industry. It was an obvious progression for us to take it on.

“The message I want to get across is this isn’t short term. We are committed to Scarborough in long term.”

Mr Newbould said his dedication to the site in Eastfield has been reflected by the £1 million investment in a new sheet fed printer, already operational on the site, and plans for a £10 million investment in 2012/13 to replace older machines.

All Pindar’s web offset and bindery staff were initially transferred in the takeover deal with York Mailing, however redundancies did follow.

A total of 61 workers lost their jobs - though all redundancies were voluntary.

Mr Newbould said: “We have obviously had to make some changes here. This set up was the head quarters for a global business. There were a lot of people in the running for Pindar plc global which weren’t needed. There has been a number of redundancies, however we have not had to make one single compulsory redundancy.

“We have increased the head count on the shop floor and there are no more changes to make now.

Mr Newbould also praised the Scarborough staff for their “professionalism” during the takeover period, which followed the 175 year old family run Pindar group going in to administration owing £114.5 million.

He said: “It did come as a shock to a lot of people at all levels of the business.

“We have been through this process before. It obviously can be difficult managing the work force through a big change.

“What we have been impressed with here is the professionalism of the people that work here.

“They did a fantastic job throughout what was a very difficult time fwor them and it was particularly impressive.”

Next month Mr Newbould will be travelling to Germany to see to leading print press manufacturers as part of the second investment phase.

He said the focus of the company now lies solely with printing and binding.

Mr Newbould added: “We have brought it back to basics now. We just print. That is what we are good and that is what we will focus on.

“In the current climate you have got to stick to what you know.

“In York we are the biggest printer in the UK of retail flyers and media inserts.

“Pindar Scarborough is a separate entity and will stick to catalogues as it has always done.

“There is synergy between the businesses and each will create work for the other.

“Everyone here in Scarborough is now part of the team going forward.

“They know what we want to do and what we want to achieve, and we are all already working towards that. We have got that buzz back.”