Accidents at the hospital cost £1/2 million

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STAFF at Scarborough Hospital have been paid nearly £500,000 in compensation, new figures have revealed.

The bumper cash handouts were dished out after accidents and injuries caused at work, according to statistics obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

The incidents cost the local NHS coffers £489,146.

One employee received £300,000 after an allergic reaction to latex.

Another was given £11,207 after slipping on a wet floor and suffering a fractured wrist and bruised hip.

A worker was also given £10,000 after tripping on a door wedge and fracturing an elbow and tearing ankle ligaments.

The payouts also include:

l £50,000 for an injured back after manually lifting a patient

l £22,500 after sustaining nerve damage to a shoulder and neck and stress and anxiety following a physical assault by a patient

l £18,554 to a worker for an injured neck after lifting a patient

l £15,804 for injuries to a right elbow following a work-related upper limb disorder

l £12,082 for an injured back after manually handling a patient

l £10,000 paid out for a twisted knee suffered by an employee after manually handling a trolley

l £9,250 for a worker who slipped on a wet floor and fractured a wrist

l £6,000 for another worker who suffered a fractured wrist after slipping on a floor

l Between April 2010 and March this year, £2,500 was paid out for a cracked rib after a lift door closed on a person

l £1,750 was also paid for an injured knee after tripping over wire

A spokesperson for the NHS said: “The payouts are paid by the NHS Litigation Authority.

“The Trust has an excess of £10,000 on each Employers Liability Claim.”