Another first for local brewery

HUNMANBY microbrewery Wold Top Brewery has launched the first India Pale Ale in its eight-year history.

Scarborough Fair IPA is a strong golden ale that is triple hopped with Progress, Cascade and Willamette hops.

Brewery owner Tom Mellor said; “This iconic brew is becoming increasingly popular and was missing from our range, so we decided to trade on Scarborough’s maritime heritage and brew an IPA called Scarborough Fair.”

He added: “IPA was developed in the 1700s as a solution to the problem of how to send beer to the troops and British citizens living in India who needed access to ‘Good British Ale’.

“The high level of hopping and alcohol in the beer protected it from the extremes of temperature and motion on the long sea voyage.

“The new IPA style found favour in England in the 1800s and its pleasant hoppy aroma and flavour combined with a malty sweetness is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity.”

Scarborough Fair IPA joins Wold Top Brewery’s range of traditional bitters, blonde beers, pale ales and gluten free beers.

Established in 2003, the farm-based Wold Top Brewery brews traditional real ale from home and Wolds grown malting barley, the finest hops and pure, chalk-filtered Wolds water.