Apprentice scheme boost for students

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A LOCAL firm is helping 20 local students by providing sponsorship to help towards the costs of employing them for a year.

Bridlington-based Hudson Contract created the scheme after its managing director, David Jackson, noticed an advertisement placed by 18-year-old Yorkshire Coast College student Lewis Baxter, from Scarborough, appealing for someone to take him on as an apprentice electrician.

Mr Jackson said “I met Lewis and talked to the people who run his course and discovered this was not a one-off case.

“Many firms wanted to help, but couldn’t afford to do so, and the situation was made worse because so many students were applying to the same firms in the same area.

“Hudson Contract is the UK’s largest Construction Industry Scheme Contract and Payroll provider, so it is appropriate for us to give something back to our industry and its future.”

Cathy Hough, director of work based learning at Yorkshire Coast College, added: “In the current economic climate, where many employers are struggling or unwilling to invest in training or new staff, this generous sponsorship has provided a fantastic opportunity for these apprentices. We are enormously grateful to Hudson Contract.”

Plumber Chris Ferrey, one of the employers who has taken on an apprentice thanks to the scheme, said: “I started out as an apprentice, so I was keen to give someone else the same opportunity I had.”