Award winning student taps into apprenticeship

Kirsty Price
Kirsty Price

A plumbing student is celebrating after landing an apprenticeship with a local firm.

Trust Plumbing Scarborough was looking to increase its workforce to allow for growth, and has taken on student Kirsty Price. Owner Nigel Harbron said: “We are committed to offering opportunities to people looking to enter the trade locally after proving their aptitude by completing the level 2 City & Guilds plumbing qualification.

“Kirsty proved her ability by winning an award at college and being selected as ‘Plumbing Student of the year, and has demonstrated the qualities we are looking for.”

Kirsty, who inititally struggled to secure an apprenticeship, said: “I rang more than 50 businesses. It was hard and I’d almost given up when Nigel returned my call. He and the College worked to arrange trials for me and other students.”

Mr Harbron acknowledged plumbing might not be every girl’s dream but said gender isn’t important. He said: “I have three daughters and I’d be livid if anyone passed them over based on their sex, the fact is I wasn’t looking for a girl or a boy - I was looking for an apprentice and Kirsty more than proved herself during work trials.”