Boarded up Burton upsets town’s chamber

Burtons Closed  143605 Richard Ponter
Burtons Closed 143605 Richard Ponter

Scarborough traders and town centre users are up in arms after a vacant shop was covered in unsightly chipboard.

The former Burton store in Newborough closed last month after the retailer pulled out of the town.

However, this week the empty store was covered in cheap chipboard, drawing negative comments from the Scarborough Chamber of Trade.

Chairman of the group, Janet Jefferson, told The Scarborough News that she was extremely angry at what had been done.

She said: “It is a prominent town centre location and it has been turned into a complete eyesore.
“I would have hoped that we were no longer in fear of shop windows being smashed but even if that was the case there was no need to do this.
“I will be making a complaint to the Arcadia Group (the company which owns Burton) to see if they have had any input in this decision or can do something about it.

“We have other empty units and there has never been the need to board them up.

“It looks so unsightly.”

At time of writing the Arcadia Group had not responded to a request for a comment on the store.

Members of the Scarborough News Facebook page also spoke out against the ugly shop front.

Tamzin Gates wrote “well, this is going to improve the look of the empty Burtons shop no end,” whilst Denise Marshall simply said “what a mess.”

There is still no word as to what might replace Burton in the town centre but the fact is had been boarded up could mean that there is nothing in the pipeline.

Speaking after the closure a spokesman for the Arcadia Group said that the store had closed to allow the business to focus on “flagship stores” and to offer and improved online service to its shoppers.