Boro Tyres keeps service on track

THE EVENING News Garage of the Year has invested in equipment worth thousands of pounds to help customers on the road.

A state-of-the-art tyre fitting machine is now in use at Boro Tyres in Seamer Road, and the autocentre is shortly expecting another new delivery.

General manager Adam Beston said this helps the company to keep up-to-date with technological advancements in the motor industry.

He said: “This is the latest tyre fitting equipment and the only leverless tyre fitting machine in Scarborough.

“Most cars have alloy and bigger wheels that are harder to fit, so you need to have the right equipment. Other machines have a metal bar in, but this is a modern way of fitting tyres.

“It’s able to fit tyres to wheels of up to 26inch and along with many other benefits, it can cope with pressure sensing and run flat tyres.”

The Scarborough branch has also invested in the latest computerised four wheel alignment equipment, available in the coming weeks.

Mr Beston added: “This checks the full geometry of the vehicle - it helps to correct problems if the vehicle is pulling to one side and irregular tyre wear. When a vehicle is aligned correctly it improves fuel economy.

“As vehicles become more complex, we need to invest in the equipment to be able to deal with them. This helps us deliver a fantastic service which helped us to win Garage of the Year.”