Cool summer boosted trade

'A summer-that-felt-like-winter-day' taken by Anna Gowthorpe in Whitby last month
'A summer-that-felt-like-winter-day' taken by Anna Gowthorpe in Whitby last month

SUMMER may have been the coolest for 18 years - but it hasn’t been a washout for tourism in Scarborough.

Meteorologists have said there has been a “significant deficit” of sunshine this year, with the average temperature for summer 2011 at 14.9C.

The barely mild rating, recorded from June 1 to August 29, is not just down from the 15.9C average last year, but is the lowest seen since 1993.

In addition to the lack of sun experts have reported this summer was also “considerably wetter”.

However while the weather may not have favoured the British holiday, tourists still flocked to Scarborough.

As a result the cool and drizzly summer days actually helped to boost trade in the town centre.

Victoria Clerk, spokesperson for the Scarborough Chamber of Trade said: “We have actually had a really great summer this year trade wise.

“The cool weather has been great for retail, as when its wet and windy people don’t want to be on the beach or sat outside.

“We have seen more people come up in to the town and go shopping instead when the weather is cool.”

Meteorologist Julian Mayes, of Meteogroup, said: “On temperature we are looking at provisionally more or less a tie with 1993, so we can certainly say it’s been the coolest summer since then.

“Within that 18 years it’s only the third cooler-than-average summer.

“Most summers have been above average so the only other two that have been below that were 1998 and 2007, but it does look as though 2011 has been cooler than either of those.”

Other attractions to benefit during wet weather in Scarborough include the Sealife Centre, childrens indoor play areas including Little Hoppers and Playzone, Scarborough’s two cinemas The Futurist and the Hollywood Plaza, and the seafront attractions.