D-day for superstores as plans to be decided

A DECISION is expected to be made today on whether to allow two supermarkets to significantly increase their presence in Scarborough.

At a meeting of the council’s planning and development committee this afternoon, planning applications from Sainsbury’s, who want to expand their Falsgrave Road store, and Tesco, who want to build a new shop in Dean Road, will be considered.

If both applications are granted, as council officers have recommended, it would see Sainsbury’s floor space in Scarborough increase by 3,868 square metres and Tesco build a new store with 9,553 square metres of total floor space, including 5,472 square metres of sales floor space.

Tesco have said their plans, which would see their existing Westwood store close, will create 350 new jobs in addition to the 200 Tesco employees already in Scarborough. Sainsbury’s expansion plan is expected to create 100 new jobs.

The planning meeting will be held at Westborough Methodist Church Hall from 1pm.

Members of the public will speak at the meeting before the proposals are discussed and a decision is made.

Some councillors on the planning committee are expected to declare prejudicial interests before the vote is taken.

For a report on the meeting, check our website and read tomorrow’s Evening News.