Dark days ahead for Whitby market

A SCARBOROUGH fish merchant has raised concerns over the future of Whitby’s fish market just 10 months after he stepped in to save it from certain closure.

Shaun Wood, of Scarborough-based TG Wood, said that if the market closed it would never return. He said: “Once it’s closed it’s closed.

“We’ve seen some fantastic businesses in the past but when they close that’s it, there’s no more.

“A market is a community and we’re fighting together so we need anything and anyone that can put our name back on the map or give us a break.”

Mr Wood, who set up Whitby Fish Sales last year, said there appeared to have been very little improvement in the industry over the past year despite his investment in excess of £80,000 to keep the market open.

He added that, despite seeing minor returns so far, while the market continued to be sustainable, he would continue to provide somewhere for Whitby fishermen to land their catch.

The decline of large trawlers in the harbour has been attributed to these vessels being limited to only 100 days at sea per year and so Mr Wood said that Whitby’s salvation could in the smaller under 10 metre vessels.

Although these boats still possess quota, they are not limited to a certain amount of time they can spend at sea and so can land fish at the market everyday.