Engineers join forces in joint sales venture

Workers on site at Eastfield based Unison
Workers on site at Eastfield based Unison

A Scarborough engineering firm has merged its sales and marketing operations with a German company in a move to create a £13 million order book.

Tube bending machine manufacturer Unison, based in Eastfield, has announced a joint venture with German counterpart Rosenberger.

Neither company has an overlap in product range, so both will retain their independence, while together providing a wider offering to the marketplace.

The deal has been in the pipeline for three years, and is expected to result in a joint order book of around 17 million Euros.

The two companies combined now employ more than 130 staff, with the joint venture offering sales offices throughout Europe, specifically Spain, Germany, France and the United Kingdom and the USA, with an agent network across the globe

Alan Pickering, managing director of Unison, said: “I am excited by the prospect of working together with Rosenberger, not only in a sales and marketing sense, but also our relationship will select and integrate the best technology available from both companies.

“Together we will also reduce customer cycle times, thus enabling us to build more machines for customers per year. We believe that working with Rosenberger will make us more competitive in the market and ensure that we future proof our product ranges.

“Our expectations of the partnership have been successfully expressed, in terms of both our world-class products and technical support network.”

Both Unison and Rosenberger are enjoying record years, with Rosenberger having secured a large contract in the automotive sector, and Unison winning a $2.8 million order with the US marine industry.

Gerhart Rosenberger said: “Our rapidly expanding business required a global partner. In Unison we have found a business that is prepared to work with us and understand client needs and build long-term relationships with our rapidly expanding customer base.” The firms say together they aim to expand their global footprint.