Ex-Mere Club to be demolished?

The Mere Club
The Mere Club

PLANS have been put forward which could see two new shops built on the site of the former Mere Social Club.

Scarborough developer Gary Ledden, who owns the property, has made the application requesting permission to demolish the Seamer Road building and create two new units after attempts to secure an operator for the current unit proved unsuccessful.

Mr Ledden said: “Despite extensive marketing we have unfortunately been unable to secure a tenant for the development. This we believe is due to a combination of the international economic context and the size and nature of the approved unit.

“The Seamer Road retail park is well established and in approving a retail unit on the Mere Social Club site the council accepted that there would be no adverse impact on Scarborough town centre.

“Having explored the commercial market further we propose to submit an application to amend the scheme and would appreciate your early thoughts before committing to scheme design costs.”

He added: “The extant planning consent for the retail development of the site does not include a condition preventing subdivision and we therefore propose to reformat the permitted floorspace to create two units of 5,000 square feet each.”

Bed retailer Dreams is the latest in a host of national firms to be linked with a move to the site since the club closed in July 2008 after running up debts totalling thousands of pounds, but no deal has so far materialised.

A spokesman for Lawrence Property & Construction Consultants, which has been actively working to secure an operator for the site as a whole, said: “There are retailers looking to get into Scarborough in the open A1 non food sector for large units and certainly this location would appeal, adjoining the existing retail park.

“With the lack of any real choice or town centre opportunities for units over, say, 2,500 sq ft I think this site offers the only real opportunity to capture a quality retailer for the town.”