Firm’s African eco project

SCARBOROUGH stationery producer Duraweld is helping Africa to go green.

The Salter Road-based firm is undertaking a carbon offsetting programme for the fourth consecutive year by purchasing 20 energy efficient stoves for an African-based project managed by offset provider co2balance.

The energy efficient stoves are around 50 per cent more efficient than an open fire, needing less wood to cook with.

As a result each energy efficient stove will save over 15 tonnes of CO2 over the lifetime of the stove. They are also built near to where they are used, therefore providing local employment.

Duraweld reduced its overall CO2 tonnage by 0.07 per cent from last year with savings made from installing sprinklers onto all taps in the Duraweld facility, increasing the use of PIR sensors and buying a hybrid company pool car.

Corporate gilets and fleece jackets were issued to all staff allowing the heating to be turned down by 2C, which saved 260kg of carbon alone; the equivalent to a return flight to Barcelona.

Jane Harper, Marketing Manager, Duraweld, said: “Duraweld is well known for being committed to the protection of our ecosystem and environmentally responsible business practices. As a factory-based business, we have had to be determined and focused in making our environmental policy work. Our placement as a Times Best Green Company in 2010 bore testament to our accomplishments. I am delighted that we continue to achieve against our environmental targets, year on year; and I’m proud to support the Gold Standard Carbon Offsetting programme through co2balance.”

In addition to carbon offsetting, the company is also celebrating the fact that the successful implementation of its ambitious Environmental Policy has seen significant reductions in other areas of energy consumption.