Fish and chip shop finalists announced

THE FIVE finalists in this year’s Evening News Fish and Chip Shop of the Year have been announced.

There is guaranteed to be a new winner in 2011, after reigning champion North Bay Fisheries missed out on the final in a shock development.

The Scarborough public, who have been nominating their favourite establishments since May, selected the five finalists which can now be confirmed as...

l Buckams in Newlands Park Drive.

l Crossgates Fish and Chip Shop, off Curlew Drive.

l Naylors Fish and Chips, Aberdeen Walk.

l Ramshill Fisheries, Ramshill Road.

l Seamer Fisheries, Main Street.

Last year’s runner-up, Silks in Castle Road, also missed out on the final in another surprise.

Other establishments to have received nominations but missed out on the final included Hanover Fisheries, Ernie’s Fish and Chips in Columbus Ravine and Capplemans in Raleigh Street.

Our panel of judges will now embark on a taste test of the five finalists, and will sample a portion of fish, chips and peas from each store.

They will then be scored rigorously and a new champion will be crowned.

They will be able to proudly display the Evening News shield in their shop, and winners have regularly reported a surge in profits.

Scarborough residents who nominated fish and chips shops were required to give reasons for their choices.

Pat Hall, who nominated Seamer Fisheries, said: “Absolutely the best! I doubt you would find better anywhere. Value for money, a joy to eat and every mouthful is a treat.”

Another Seamer Fisheries fan added: “It’s got to be Seamer chippy again! It continues to offer best value both quality and quantity.

“Fish are large, cooked to order and three sizes of chip quantity are available.

“Everything tastes great. Importantly, staff are warm and friendly.”

Judy Cappleman nominated Crossgates Fish and Chip Shop. She said: “The best, freshest, tastiest fish and chips for miles.

“Spotlessly clean shop and cafe and such lovely staff, who are always so happy and obliging.

“All products are cooked to order and the batter is so crisp I would recommend them to anyone - delicious.”

A Brompton resident who nominated Buckams said: “First class fish and chips and friendly staff.”

A Staxton resident who nominated Naylors in Aberdeen Walk said: “The fish and chips are made to order, red hot and are not at all greasy.

“You get a very warm and smiley welcome from the boss and the staff are lovely. They always make time to have a chat.”

Another Naylors regular said: “I’ve been going since it opened. The fish and chips are always of a top standard plus the staff are very friendly - that’s why I go back.”

Rachel Atkinson, of Eastfield, nominated Ramshill Fisheries. She said: “The chips and fish are very tasty and affordable and the staff are also very friendly.”

David Burklet said of Ramshill Fisheries: “Best fish and chips I’ve ever had.”

The winner of the 2011 Fish and Chip Shop of the Year will be announced in the Evening News in the coming weeks.