Former town print company faces changes

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A PRINTING firm which had two factories in Scarborough could be set to lose another business arm.

Polestar - which previously had printing and finishing departments in Eastfield - is locked in talks over moving its Colchester-based services to Aktrion.

The move would see 160 bindery staff transferred under the changes.

Steve Sibbald, Unite the union’s national officer, said: “It looks like Polestar is selling off that side of the business in order to concentrate on their core areas.

“It’s pure speculation on my behalf, but it seems a coincidence that this has happened following the purchase of Polestar by Sun European Partners.”

Polestar Greaves closed its finishing and bindery department factory in Dunslow Road, Eastfield, in 2008, costing nearly 200 jobs.

The firm also axed 190 further jobs at its Eastfield-based printing factory in the same year.

Work was transferred to Sheffield and Worcestershire.

Bosses blamed the closures on investment in factories in other parts of the country which reduced transport and efficiency costs.

The finishing department was responsible for binding and wrapping magazines for leading publishers including The Daily Telegraph, Bauer, News International and Observer.

Polestar Greaves - also known for printing high-profile colour magazines like Hello! and Women’s Weekly – dated back to just after the Second World War.

Decorated RAF war hero and nightfighter pilot Douglas Greaves started his printing business at the junction of Ramshill Road and Royal Avenue after buying a printing machine and realising there was a big demand from stationers.

He then went around the country taking photographs of resorts for postcards.

The business, called DH Greaves, later moved to Oriel Works in Oriel Crescent and then to Havers Hill in Eastfield.

It was sold to the Bradford-based Watmough Holdings in 1969 and became Polestar Greaves in 1998 after a merger of the Watmough printing group with the British Printing Group.

The former Polestar Greaves factory in Dunslow Road were taken on by Crown Properties and SWC Trade Frames last year.

Known as The Gateway, the factory houses the company East Coast Developments (Yorkshire).