Forum to reveal ‘exciting’ future

A BUSINESS Forum has been organised to discuss “exciting developments” in Scarborough’s economy.

Business men and women are being invited to find out more about major proposed developments in the town, including the planned Potash Mine, the emerging offshore wind market, developments in broadband, and Scarborough’s involvement in two Local Enterprise Partnerships.

Scarborough Council has teamed up with the Leeds York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, and the Federation of Small Businesses to host the event on Tuesday evening.

Cllr Tom Fox, leader of Scarborough Council, said: “As many will be aware some very exciting opportunities lie ahead for the economy of Scarborough.

“Many will have heard of the proposed new Potash Mine between Scarborough and Whitby which has the potential to create up to 5,000 jobs over the next few years.

“During a similar time scale the emerging offshore wind market also has the potential to create hundreds of jobs.

“Whitby port is the nearest port to Dogger Bank, where the biggest wind farm in the world is to be constructed, and will make an excellent base for operations and maintenance support to the sector.

“There are also some exciting developments happening in relation to the NY broadband project.

“With all this happening I am pleased to be able to invite local businesses to hear about these exciting developments and how they can contribute to the emerging economic growth in Scarborough.”

Following an introduction from the council’s chief executive Jim Dillon, the forum will feature a presentation on the York Potash proposal by Gareth Edmunds on behalf of Sirrius Minerals.

Alex Richards, of Scarborough council, will then talk about the opportunities in off shore wind farms before David Cullen, chief executive of NYnet gives an update on broadband in North Yorkshire.

The focus of the forum will then turn to Local Enterprise Partnerships, which are being introduced by the government in the place of Regional Development Agencies.

The partnerships will see local authorities and local business communities working together to plan the growth of the local economy including support for inward investment, new businesses and job creation.

Scarborough is currently involved in the development of two partnerships; one for Hull and the coast, and one of York and North Yorkshire.

The York and North Yorkshire bid has now been approved by Government and is in the process of recruiting private sector board members.

During the forum Mr Dillon will talk about the delivery of the partnerships, and give an update on the coastal partnership, while Andrew Harper from North Yorkshire County Council, will give an update on the North Yorkshire partnership.

Gary Williamson of the Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce will then explain the benefits of getting involved in the partnerships.

The Business Forum is being held at the Crown Spa Hotel on Tuesday, between 5pm and 7pm.

Any businesses interested in attending or wanting further information can contact David Kelly, economic development manager at Scarborough Council, on (01723) 232321.