Growing trend at butchers as couples say ‘Pie do’

Butcher James Glaves, right, and pie maker Mandy Gill with the pork pies wedding 'cake'.
Butcher James Glaves, right, and pie maker Mandy Gill with the pork pies wedding 'cake'.

AN AWARD-winning butchers is enjoying the “icing on the cake” for its business after an unexpected venture into the wedding industry.

Brompton-based Glaves Butchers has reported a growing trend in couples ditching the traditional fruit cake for their big day in favour of a more meaty offering.

Staff have let their creative juices run free, as orders are ringing in for specially made pork pie wedding “cakes”.

A tall three-tier triumph, shipped out on Saturday, was the third to be made in the small bakery alongside Glaves’ traditional Cayley Lane shop.

And with more “cakes” on the order book for coming months, the business is set to enjoy a wedding season boom.

Butcher and business director James Glaves said: “It’s quite a surprising turn we’ve taken as a business.

“It all started with a lady asking us to make a personalised pork pie to give to her boyfriend as part of a Valentine’s Day proposal, and things have gone from there.

“I think word of mouth is getting round that we do this, and more and more people are considering it for their wedding day.

“I never thought as a butcher I’d be getting orders for wedding cakes! It is becoming really popular though, and is definitely a growing trend.”

The “cakes” are all individually made by hand, using traditional cake tins, and can even come complete with a bride and groom cake topper.

Variation is also available with one couple choosing a three-tier creation, with pork pies top and bottom and a game pie in the middle.

Mandy Gill, head pie maker at Glaves, said: “It’s quite ingenious what people come up with to make their wedding that bit different.

“It is certainly different to what we normally do as we had to make it all, every little bit of it, by hand.

“We don’t have machines big enough to press the cake tins so it’s all done by us.

“It does make a nice change to make them, and it’s exciting when you think what we are making them for.”

Glaves Butchers has won numerous awards for its pork pies, including scooping the pies title at the Yorkshire Taste Awards last year, as well as a gold award from the British Pig Executive.