Gym gets thumbs up in national survey

Compass Gym.121345d
Compass Gym.121345d

A Scarborough gym has come out on top in a national survey of 530 independent health and fitness centres.

Compass Gym in Barry’s Lane was rated number one across the whole country in the survey by The Retention People and Leisure-Net.

The poll was the industry’s largest ever customer loyalty survey, which used the powerful Net Promoter Score (NPS) and generated more than 40,000 responses across hundreds of clubs.

In Scarborough, members of Compass Gym were emailed and asked how likely they were to recommend the gym to a friend, and also to explain why.

Based on their responses, customers can be categorised into one of three groups: Promoters (9-10 rating), Passives (7-8 rating), and Detractors (0-6 rating).

The percentage of Detractors is subtracted from the percentage of Promoters to obtain a Net Promoter Score.

The score for Compass was 76 per cent, with the national average for all gyms at 24 per cent and independent gyms, like Compass, at 57 per cent.

Owner Nick Ingham said: “The result was absolutely fantastic. It’s great for staff, as we’ve spent a lot of time on training, particularly in customer service.

“Sometimes it’s hard to gauge whether you’re doing the right thing, but with something like this, I can say ‘keep doing what you’re doing, guys’.”

Since opening four years ago, the gym has gone from strength to strength, with Nick saying that this is “the cherry on top of the cake”.

He added: “It’s good to know you’re doing the right things. We’ve deliberately gone out to offer our members a top-of-the-range facility.

“Members expect good quality equipment - it’s a must. They also like the gym to be clean and tidy.

“What came out consitently from the survey though was how friendly the staff were. That is what stood out the most.”

Nick said that the survey also identified some more minor things that needed looking at, which have now been addressed. He is hoping to take part in another survey soon.