Hair salons are in good trim, says research

HAIRDRESSERS in Scarborough are defying the economic downturn, according to new research.

Over a quarter of all salons in Yorkshire are looking to recruit new staff, and the company behind the research believes that using the most conservative of estimates, it would see over a thousand jobs created in the whole region in the next 12 months.

And the main reason attributed for the recession-defying growth is the increase in male grooming.

Approximately two-thirds of hairdressers who cater for men in the region say that they’ve seen an increase in business over the past year.

This comes despite a drop in growth in pretty much every other industry.

Alan Revitt, Commercial Director of Salon Services UK & Ireland, said: “We knew that looking good was still important to women despite the economic backdrop but we were surprised to see the dramatic increase in male custom across the UK. “This now possibly represents a significant market opportunity for salons in Yorkshire.”

The research out today from Salon Services, the UK’s largest professional hair and beauty supplier.

They surveyed over 1,500 hair and beauty professional.

They added that should these respondents hire at least one employee in the next twelve months, 1,156 jobs could potentially be created