Help going green at club workshop

A WORKSHOP is being held to help Scarborough businesses reduce their environmental impact while saving them money.

The event is being put together by the North Yorkshire Green Business Club in conjunction with Scarborough Council, and is aimed at small and medium sized businesses.

During the workshop the council’s sustainability officer Dr James Bridges will join the environmental co-ordinator from Scarborough-based stationery firm Duraweld, and other local businesses in the sharing of knowledge and information about how incorporating environmental improvements into the business can save money and win new customers.

Businesses will be taken through a tool guide aimed at helping them to develop and implement their own environmental and resource efficiency action plan and learn how to complete a site assessment which includes signposting about where they can find additional tools and resources.

Dr Bridges said: “The workshop is a great opportunity for businesses as they will be better equipped to understand the beneficial links between resource efficiency, for example, reducing unnecessary wastage in energy, waster usage and waste going to landfill, environmental improvements and saving money in the process because costs per output drop.”

He said businesses will benefit from the key messages of the workshop during which they will hear about resource efficiency, learn how to identify the environmental impacts, see examples of environmental policies and get the opportunity to network with other businesses.

The workshop is being held at Scarborough Spa on Wednesday, February 8 between 9.30am and 12.30am.

The North Yorkshire Green Business Club was launched in 2009, and so far has run 10 seminars across York and North Yorkshire.

The club is funded by a combination of C02 Sense and membership fees and aims to help businesses become resource-efficient and pursue long-term growth by running events and workshops throughout the region, where businesses can share skills and experience and get expert advice from high profile speakers.

Interested businesses can sign-up to the workshop and join the club by contacting Laura Backhouse on (01904) 554638 or emailing