Hi-tech link for Open Air Theatre

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A SCARBOROUGH IT firm is supplying internet to the stars after winning the contract to provide broadband at the Open Air Theatre.

Save9, based at Woodend, is using a mast situated on the Esplanade’s Crown Spa Hotel to beam wireless broadband to the North Bay venue.

The method was first put in to practice for the sell-out Elton John concert, allowing the star and his entourage to tap in to the Nynet highspeed broadband service.

Save9 managing director Steve Bromham said: “Without the wireless internet access the concert could not have been the success that it was.

“We have a base station at the Crown Spa Hotel, and that had a direct line of site to the Open Air Theatre.

“The installation worked perfectly and wireless reception for the concert was outstanding.”

Save9 is now keen to make the same benefits available to other local businesses by using mobile phone masts to act as other base stations for the technology.

Mr Bromham added: “Obviously the Crown Spa doesn’t have a line of sight to everywhere in Scarborough and the surrounding area.

“However the mobile phone masts do. That means we will be able to offer all local businesses internet connection speeds well in excess of those they have been used to.

“For businesses that need to upload lots of data this will give them significant savings in both time and money.”

Mr Bromham said businesses in Scarborough using the technology were already seeing increased levels of business based purely on their ability to offer faster internet connection.

He said: “Previously businesses in rural areas have been held back by slow internet speeds.

“Now they will be able to expand, and business owners will be able to enjoy all the benefits of living in Scarborough and still offer their customers better and faster service than companies in York or Leeds.”

The broadband provided is through Nynet, which is a North Yorkshire County Council service aimed at giving rural areas across the county high speed internet access.

Save9 has the contract to supply broadband to the Open Air Theatre for the next three years.