Housing boost for popular village

AFFORDABLE housing is being boosted in Seamer with the acquisition of two properties on the village’s newest housing development.

Scarborough based developers Thompson Homes is in the final stages of the new St Hilda’s Court development off Main Street in Seamer.

As completion approaches the Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association has announced it has acquired two properties on the site from Thompson Homes in a bid to help increase the number of affordable homes in the area.

In the Scarborough area only 12 per cent of rented stock is social housing, and Seamer specifically is tasked with producing 61 affordable homes between 2007 and 2012.

In light of the target the Housing Association has bought the two bedroom houses on St Hilda’s Court under a Scarborough Council Section 106 agreement to ensure the development meets the housing need in the area.

John Burroughs, housing strategy and development officer at Scarborough Council, said: “Section 106 agreements like this enable housing associations and local councils to address the shortfall in affordable housing across the area.

“These properties will make ideal homes for a variety of tenants and the Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association will ensure they are managed and maintained to a high level.”

Tenants who are in urgent need of re-housing will be nominated by the council for the two properties.

Built on a site that was formerly a car showroom, a mechanics work shop and a filling station for 30 years, the 14-property development will be complete in May.

Developers say the scheme has been designed to be in-keeping with the villages in the rest of the village by using natural stone and timber window frames.

The acquisition of the two properties marks the Housing Association’s first venture of this kind in a rural area.

David Whitehead, chief executive of the Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association said: “This will be the first Section 106 the Association has undertaken in a rural area, which illustrates that affordable housing shortages are not just an issues facing urban communities.

“It is vital that more affordable homes are made available in towns and villages like Seamer in order to meet the increasing demand across the region.

“We are delighted to have acquired these two properties at St Hilda’s Court and look forward to welcoming our new tenants in May.”