How your two new stores would look

An artist's impression of the proposed new Tesco store. And below, how the proposed extension to Sainsbury's Falsgrave site will look.
An artist's impression of the proposed new Tesco store. And below, how the proposed extension to Sainsbury's Falsgrave site will look.

UPDATED superstore plans which could change the face of shopping in Scarborough were unveiled yesterday.

A consultation period on the revised proposals for a new Tesco in Dean Road and an extension to Sainsbury’s in Falsgrave Road is now under way.

Artist's impression of the proposed Sainsbury's extension September 2011

Artist's impression of the proposed Sainsbury's extension September 2011

The two retail giants are set to go head-to-head next month, when the applications are finally heard by Scarborough Council’s planning committee. Pauline Elliot, the council’s head of regeneration and planning, said: “We appreciate it’s taken a long time to get to this point, but they are very significant applications.”

Tesco said yesterday that its updated proposals now include better links through the site for pedestrians and improved landscaping.

The entire building has been moved to the north, out of consideration for residents, and the service yard has been covered to reduce noise.

Deborah Hayeems, Tesco’s regional corporate affairs manager, said: “We have listened to lots of different views and garnered a lot of feedback since we launched the plans.”

She added: “The proposals have evolved, and we believe improved, as a result so that we can provide the best plans for Scarborough and offer the most benefits to the town.

“We are grateful for all the feedback we have been given and firmly believe that these plans will keep people in the town to do their main food shopping and regenerate this key site.”

In the new Tesco plans, alterations have also been made to the setting of the prison buildings and the Ellis Centre NHS buildings in Dean Road, with landscaping added and the store’s frontage to Dean Road broken up.

Christian Wakelin, regional development executive for Sainsbury’s, said the company had received overwhelming support for their proposed extension.

He added: “Sainsbury’s consulted the local community on store extension proposals back in October 2009. We listened to the feedback and completely changed our plans as a result of this initial consultation. We came back to the community in October 2010 with our revised plans.

“The revised proposals include 33,900 sq ft of new sales space to the west of the store and a new mezzanine level customer restaurant.

“We’ve received around 300 additional postcards in support of our revised proposals and we welcome this further opportunity for local people to comment on the plans for an improved Sainsbury’s in Scarborough.”

The new Sainsbury’s plans also include a relocated store entrance, a new parking area accessed from Roscoe Street and acoustic screening around its service yard.

Safe Ways Park and the Falsgrave Recreation Centre would remain unchanged.

If approved, the Tesco store would create 350 new jobs while the Sainsbury’s extension would create 85 new posts.

Malcolm Short, of the Scarborough Town Against Tesco Store group, said the consultation period was flawed, as two key reports - a new retail assessment and a traffic assessment - have not yet been completed.

He added: “We are told by planning that these are major planning applications and these reports are an essential part of the process, and yet our council have started the consultation process without them.

“People need to be able to see and study these in order to gain an opinion for or against.”

Two Columbus Ravine residents who were viewing the plans yesterday were unconvinced by the Tesco proposals.

Lorraine Davies said: “It is scary to be honest. It’s going to affect us as we’ll have the road and the extra traffic to the front of us and the store to the back.”

Her husband Shaun added: “The site needs development, but we don’t agree with a superstore. We’re concerned about how it’s going to affect house values.”

The updated plans are on display during office hours in Scarborough Town Hall’s civic corridor. An early evening viewing, between 5pm and 7pm, will be held on September 20.

They will remain on display for the next 13 days and members of the public have 20 days to submit any comments.

Those who have already made their feelings known on either of the applications have been assured that their comments will still be taken into account.