Janet takes leading role to boost tourism

A SCARBOROUGH tourism expert has been appointed to help boost the industry in Yorkshire.

Janet Deacon, Scarborough Council’s Tourism Manager, has been appointed as an area director for tourism agency Welcome to Yorkshire.

Her new role is to raise the national and international profile of the North Yorkshire tourism offer and increase visitor numbers.

Mrs Deacon, who has recently been appointed a director along with David Shields, has joined York area director Gillian Cruddas working across the north from Harrogate to the coast.

They will work alongside Peter Myers in the west, David Friesner in the south and Janet Reuben in the east, uniting all four areas under the Welcome to Yorkshire umbrella.

Mrs Deacon has worked in tourism for the 23 years, managing visitor services for Scarborough Council as well as launching tourism campaigns jointly with the private sector.

She has also been responsible for managing council-owned entertainment venues as well as supporting major events and initiatives such as the launch of Scarborough’s new Open Air Theatre.

Mrs Deacon said: “We are really looking forward to working closely with tourism businesses in each area to ensure that the promotion of each destination is maximised.”

Gary Verity, chief executive of Welcome to Yorkshire said: “These figures show how vital the tourism industry is to the economy and what terrific strides we have already made.

“However it is imperative that we look at how we can be more effective with the money we spend and how we can be more streamlined in the way we operate.

“These appointments complete our line up of six Area Directors covering the great county and they will all work together on the single goal of planting Yorkshire firmly on the global map.”

Scarborough, along with the rest of North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Coast has featured heavily in the Welcome to Yorkshire high-profile marketing campaign.