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Tonics bar
Tonics bar

A town centre bar has lost its licence after complaints from Scarborough Police that public safety was being put at risk.

Members of Scarborough Council’s Licensing Committee heard that officers had threatened to close Tonics, in Waterhouse Lane, following a repeated breach during the summer.

Sgt Rachel Wood told Monday’s hearing that the upstairs area was not covered by CCTV – which was a requirement whenever the area was used by members of the public.

She added that following the previous review in January the licence conditions were fully explained to the licence holder Gary Williams.

“Mr Williams and his wife seemed very keen to work together – to work cooperatively with us. I was left quite hopeful that we could move forward and things could be complied with in the future,” she said.

But Sgt Wood said that on at least one occasion someone who was not an accredited as a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) was left in charge and that door staff were not on duty after closing time when customers would loiter outside. She added: “That’s not safe – it’s a flashpoint for violence. They are not happy to leave and that’s when fights take place.”

She said it was “standard practice” to have door staff act as street marshals and usher people away from the venue.

The committee also heard that there had been a domestic incident outside the bar in July when the DJ swore at a woman. Sgt Wood said: “That concerned me greatly.”

Mr Williams, who has been in the licenced trade for more than 30 years, said he thought that officers were happy with the CCTV coverage and he felt his staff had let him down when they let a private party take place on the first floor without the cameras being installed. He added: “It was a stupid mistake to let the event go ahead. I should have shut it down completely.”

He said that, with hindsight, he should have connected cameras upstairs and he had since sacked three members of staff.

Mr Williams promised to close the upper floor. “It’s all about the top floor – the only policy is to shut it down.”