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FINDING an Apprenticeship might seem an extremely daunting prospect, but it really isn’t.

The opposite page features current vacancies, so why not come along to the Scarborough Apprenticeship Jobs Fair on May 26 at the Spa and you can get in touch with advisors and local training providers who can tell you more about how to apply?

You can also head to the National Apprenticeship Service website – - register your details, and search for the vacancy that suits you; it’s that simple.

Each listed vacancy gives detailed information about the job, including the employer, training, pay and the qualifications you will be working towards.

If you apply for a vacancy and you are successful/unsuccessful in your application, then you will be alerted of this on your home page; where you can also manage your pending applications.

If your application is unsuccessful, then the manager of the organisation that you applied to may contact via phone or email to give you feedback on why you didn’t get the vacancy.

This gives you an opportunity to improve your details in order to give you a better chance of beating other applicants to future vacancies.

However, if successful in your application, your employer or training provider will contact you and arrange a meeting with you.

This may be an interview, assessment or a formal meeting, depending on what the vacancy is for, but there is no need to be intimidated by it.

They will not be trying to catch you out, but they will want to get to know you in depth as they will be paying your salary.

So visit the apprenticeships website and embark on your career as an apprentice.