Mining firm outlines a thousand job roles

School, college, university and business representatives at the launch of 'Potash Prospects'
School, college, university and business representatives at the launch of 'Potash Prospects'

The firm behind plans to build a potash mine on the outskirts of Scarborough has launched a jobs prospectus outlining the hundreds of jobs it is set to create.

York Potash has published ‘Potash Prospects’ which outlines the types of jobs that will be created and the qualifications, skills and experience required to work in the roles.

To celebrate the prospectus around 100 people from schools, colleges, universities and businesses attended a launch event at Sneaton Castle, near Whitby, to hear York Potash’s senior team outline the range of opportunities available for local people.

Graham Clarke, operations director at York Potash said: “A new mine will create a vast array of highly-skilled jobs and we were delighted with the enthusiasm and support we received from the attendees.

“This is about providing opportunities for local people and it is important therefore that we start to detail the wide range of individual roles that will be available, while setting out what these jobs entail and the typical qualifications and experience required to deliver them.”

The planned mine will directly employ more than 1,000 people with varying experience – from 20 years in industry to those starting out – and with a vast array of skills.

Potash Prospects has been specially designed to help training and education professionals as well as new recruits understand the roles that will be created by the mine and associated infrastructure.

Featuring a job directory, which outlines mining, operations and processing roles, the new prospectus explains the qualifications that people will require and the different career paths that it is possible to pursue in potash mining.

York Potash will need people who can work below ground and at the surface; at the mine itself, in the processing plant or at portside locations.

As well as skilled tradespeople with heavy engineering experience, the company will need people to fulfil clerical roles k in finance, IT, human resources, sales and marketing.

An insight into the prospectus:

“Working for York Potash will be a rewarding experience in more ways than one. Many of the jobs are highly-skilled and most are much in demand in the wider marketplace. In addition, they are well paid with mineworkers (depending on experience) typically earning £25,000 to £40,000; tradespeople £25,000 to £45,000 and those joining with degrees between £25,000 and £60,000. Those in management would expect to earn

£60,000+ in the most senior roles. Training and career development will also form a central part of working with the York Potash team.”