Multi-million pound market plan unveiled

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A £2.5 million pound plan to bring more people back to Scarborough’s Market Hall has been revealed.

Scarborough Council has applied to the Coastal Community Fund, part of the Heritage Lottery scheme, for money to create a mezzanine floor at the historic market.

The new level would feature a restaurant or cafe, and room for around 20 new businesses, as well as up to 30 new jobs.

Nick Taylor, Scarborough Borough Council’s investment manager, said: “We are very excited about the plan.

“It is just a bid for funding and is by no means a done deal but we are pleased with our submission to the fund and feel that we have ticked all the boxes, so to speak.

“We have worked closely with the council’s conservation officer as anything we do in a listed building is carefully monitored.

“The mezzanine floor will help to grow the number of businesses in the Market Hall and, hopefully, bring more people to the market.

“If more people come to the market then that has a knock on effect to the shops in surrounding area, so it would be a boost for the area should we get the funding.”

Mr Taylor said that should the application be successful then the council was also looking to hold more events, such as cooking demonstrations, at the market.

A partnership with students at The University of Hull’s Scarborough Campus in Filey Road is also being discussed.

He added: “They have created a system that will all us to introduce an online shopping element to the market.

“People will be able to log on home at select what they want from the businesses in the market before they come and collect it.

“We are also looking to see if we could sort out a home delivery element.

“That would mean people could order their meat, vegetables, bread, fish and what not from the stalls and get it delivered at their convenience.”

The result of the application will not be known until the New Year.

Several different designs were drawn up for the mezzanine floor before just one, pictured above, was chosen to take forward for the final bid.