New driving force to promote firm

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SPECIALISED bus builder Bluebird Vehicles has signed Scarborough’s newest marketing firm to help promote the business across the country.

The Eastfield-based company has taken on Blue Ocean Intelligent Marketing in a bid to create a new marketing strategy aimed at targeting a wider audience.

Rob Miller, managing director of Bluebird Vehicles, said: “The Bluebird group really wants to start to promote its brand to a much larger audience and different market segments.

“We needed to go to skilled professionals who have that broader experience as we don’t have that within our business, so we went to Blue Ocean.

“We wanted to use a Scarborough company because we feel it is important to support other businesses within the town and so far, after working with them, the results have been very impressive and pleasing.”

Blue Ocean Intelligent Marketing, based in Woodend, was officially launched in September last year by former Pindar marketing directors Peter Wilkinson and David Jesson.

Mr Wilkinson said: “Local research revealed that 78 per cent of companies in this town had no business plans or marketing plans.

“Rob at Bluebird is very sales driven, but he recognised the need for intelligent marketing for future business growth.

“He didn’t have that skill within his business so what he has done is outsourced marketing to Blue Ocean.

“A lot of people are talking to us about doing a similar thing, and we are getting a lot of potential customers together.”

Mr Jesson added: “Quite often people realise the need for marketing but don’t want to spend a lot so they hire a graduate who doesn’t have the experience and puts them in charge. Then when they don’t get the result they want they think ‘Marketing doesn’t work’.

“We believe what we are offering is the best solution and we are doing exactly that for Bluebird.

“Because a lot of people don’t have business plans they don’t know where they are going. We can help give them direction, especially when it comes to branding and promoting the business to ensure growth.”

In February this year Bluebird Vehicles announced 25 new vacancies as it looked to meet the massive growth in demand for its low-floor buses.

The company, which employed 80 people, had also struck up a new deal with neighbouring Plaxton to take on subcontracted manufacturing from the coach builder.