New hotel is now open for business

STAFF at Scarborough’s new Premier Inn made a toast to the future as the hotel opened its doors for the first time.

The new premises on the corner of Vernon Road and Falconer’s Road opened at 11am yesterday.

There were more than 30 bookings for last night and the Brewer’s Fayre restaurant and bar were also busy.

General manager Bogdan Rosu said: “It’s been really good. Our launch night on Thursday was great and our first day has been very busy too.

“Everything is looking great and it’s good to be open.”

The hotel is already booked up for Easter weekend and has attracted lots of reservations for the coming weeks.

There was a short opening ceremony yesterday and an official opening for invited guests will take place in around three weeks’ time, with invited guests including Scarborough’s mayor Hazel Lynskey.

The 74-bedroom hotel has 38 staff, who have been on site for the past two weeks preparing for the opening.

The number of staff is likely to double during the summer months.

The Premier Inn is Scarborough’s first purpose-built hotel for more than 70 years.

Evening News Digital Editor Adam Meads accepted an invitation to try out Scarborough’s Premier Inn facilities before it opens to the public ... here are his thoughts.

Having no preconceptions, apart from having had a fleeting glance at the unopened bar through the window, I was greeted with warm and welcoming smiles from the pleasant reception staff upon arrival and given directions to my room. After navigating the freshly painted corridors I opened the door to a clean, light and airy room, the double glazing and sound proofing doing an excellent job to block out any traffic noise from the roundabout below.

I was struck by the height of the commanding double bed which seemed quite high by conventional standards, and I was very impressed with how comfortable it was.

I was later informed by the hotel’s proud manager, Bogdan Rosu, that the mattresses were sourced from the same company that provides Buckingham Palace with theirs.

I went down to the bar for an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet, a weekly event along with a Chip Shop night and Chinese night.

The food was lovely, and I was impressed by the friendliness of the chefs assisting in service and the attentiveness of the waitress.

Admittedly there were a few teething problems – at one point there were seven members of staff behind the bar and no-one serving drinks – but I have no doubt that these will be ironed out before the official opening.

Overall, the food, staff and the room were all of a high standard and I am sure such an establishment will ensure that visitors to this wonderful town will return again and again.