Potash test drilling at third site

DRILLING is soon to begin at a third site as Scarborough’s potash mine project gathers pace.

Sirius Minerals, the company proposing to build a new deep potash mine between Scarborough and Whitby, has been carrying out test drilling in the area since last year.

The company has now reported that drilling at its third temporary borehole site at Raikes Lane, near Sneatonthorpe, is on track.

The site is progressing on schedule and without the delays it experienced at its second drilling site near Ugglebarnby due to fluid loss zones.

Coring work at the Raikes Lane site is now expected to commence shortly after preparatory work was completed in ten days - compared to the 40 days taken at the second site.

Chris Fraser, managing director of Sirius said: “We are delighted with the progress at the Raikes Lane site.

“This has helped us to claw back some of the time and budget we had to put aside after delays at the second site.

“Our experienced and professional team is continually adapting its approach to help ensure the drilling work is delivered as quickly and as efficiently as possible.”

York Potash, the company heading the project under Sirius Mineral, is also about to take delivery of a second coring rig which bosses say will help to speed up the completion of the York Potash temporary drilling programme.

The state-of-the art rig, which is being commissioned by the company’s retained drilling contractor, is now complete and undergoing final maintenance and equipment checks.

It is envisaged that the rig will move from the suppliers in southern Europe by week commencing February 27, with a view to being on site around the end of March 2012.

The company has assured Scarborough Council that throughout the project it will be committed to maximising the recruitment of local people.