Practice steps in to bigger clinic

Kearney Pell and Andrew Firth
Kearney Pell and Andrew Firth

BUSINESS is expanding at a Scarborough Chiropody and Podiatry Clinic after a move into bigger premises.

The Newby-based practice, founded six years ago, has relocated to the ground floor of its building in a bid to make the surgery more accessible.

The clinic, off Scalby Road, had previously been occupied by dental surgeons.

Kearney Pell, chiropodist podiatrist, who runs the clinic with foot health practitioner Andrew Firth, said: “When the dental practitioners moved premises we jumped at the opportunity to move down to the ground floor into a much larger and much easier accessible room.

“We felt this was the next step and a great opportunity to make our practice more user friendly, for existing patients, and hopefully for new ones too.”

Following the move, the pair have invested in the business with a refurbishment of the clinic.

Ms Pell added: “We are very happy with the new clinic, which provides a comfortable, spacious and safe environment for both our customers and ourselves.

“Crucially it is easily accessible, even to those less able bodied, which was our main aim.

“We have received lots of positive feedback from people, especially as we now have plenty of room for any accompanying friends, relatives or carers.”