Primark push gathers pace

A Scarborough man’s campaign to get high-street giant Primark to open a shop in Scarborough continues to gain pace.

Retired bricklayer Alan Everatt started a petition to bring the store to town as he believes it will provide a major boost to business and tourism.

He now has more than 1,000 signatures and has been in touch with Primark’s head office.

Mr Everatt, 70, said: “I really think that having Primark in Scarborough would make a big difference.

“It would create a number of jobs and bring money into the town.”

He started the campaign after seeing how many shoppers were returning to Scarborough on the train with Primark bags.

In a letter to Mr Everatt, the firm’s customer services manager Anna Greene said: “Thank you for your interest in Primark and for taking the time to send the correspondence on to us.

“I confirm that I have now passed your suggestion onto our store operations department for review.”

The campaign has gained the support of Scarborough’s MP Robert Goodwill, who has pushed for a Primark in Scarborough before.

He said: “I did write to Primark when Woolworths closed, but they didn’t think the site was big enough.

“I think Primark would be an excellent store to have in Scarborough and we should do whatever we can to encourage it.

“We need to have a wide spread of different types of retail outlets and it’s important to keep our retail centre in town, within a stone’s throw of the seafront.”

Mr Goodwill also agrees with Mr Everatt’s suggestion that the Town Hall back offices could provide a possible site, should the council decide to move out.

He said: “If we develop the Town Hall site with escalators from the seafront, that would draw people in.”

The petition has also been supported by Filey resident Pauline Richardson, of Station Avenue, who passed copies around her local area.

She said: “My friends are really keen as the young mums have to pay travelling fares out of Scarborough, but the older people can use a bus pass.”