Recycling saves money for firms

RECYCLING printer cartridges has saved Scarborough businesses more than £47,000 a year, research has revealed.

Refilling instead of throwing away empty printer cartridges has saved businesses in Scarborough more than £47,000 in the last financial year, according to figures from Cartridge World’s Scarborough store.

In addition, 5,867 printer cartridges have been saved from going to land fill in Scarborough.

Jayne Colbeck, owner of Cartridge World Scarborough, said: “With the current economic climate and reductions in budgets, saving money is more important than ever. What is more it can be done in some really simple ways, including refilling printer cartridges. The amount of money businesses in Scarborough have saved in the last financial year by recycling cartridges at Cartridge World is great news.

“However, not all of them are taking advantage of our Business Direct service. It couldn’t be easier to use.”