Restaurant plan still on JJB table

140526'Scenesetter-Goodwins'Picture by Neil Silk'31/01/14
140526'Scenesetter-Goodwins'Picture by Neil Silk'31/01/14

The owners of the building which was formerly home to sports retailer JJB have successfully applied to get a restaurant permission for the site.

Friends Life Limited, applied to Scarborough Borough Council to have the building’s permission changed to an A3 listing, meaning it could be used as a restaurant.

While a company has not been lined up, the agent acting for Friends Life, GL Hearn, admits that it is hoped the change of use will lead to more interest being shown in the building, despite it being home to discount retailer Goodwins since December.

In documents submitted to the council Friends Life states that the ‘current occupier is on a short-term tenancy arrangement’ and that it still sees the longer term future of the building as a eatery.

Councillors on the borough council’s planning committee approved the change of use at a meeting last month.

A report into the potential change found that there would be no adverse impact on the town centre if it became a restaurant.

Also the fact that a long term shop use for the premises had not been found despite it being empty for more than 12 months showed that there had not been sufficient interest in the property.

Cllr David Billing said he would miss Goodwins when it was gone after voting in favour of the change of use.

He said: “They sell some good, cheap stuff in there. Including books.”

Committee chairman cllr Jane Mortimer seemed more acquiesced to its potential loss, however.

“Yes they sell a lot of things cheap in there,” she said.

“Including tat.”