Save our shops

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SHOPKEEPERS in Scarborough have joined forces in a bid to save the town’s high street.

With stores under threat from internet and out of town retail a Save Our Shops campaign has been launched.

Scarborough’s Chamber of Trade is behind the initiative alongside shop owner Chris Eborall.

The first part of the campaign will see posters, badges and stickers made available for all 60-plus Chamber members to display in their shops.

Mr Eborall, joint owner of Scarborough Music in Aberdeen Walk, who came up with the scheme, said: “Scarborough’s shops are under threat from all directions.

“The biggest challenge is the internet which is having a big impact.

“We can’t stop people buying online – we wouldn’t want to – but we would like the SOS campaign to make people think twice and perhaps try to buy from their local shops, otherwise they won’t be there for much longer.”

He said the benefit of using local shops was the help, service and advice they could offer.

“We might not be able to wholly compete on price but if you buy something from a shop you can pick it up, try it out and take it home there and then,” added Mr Eborall.

“If you need help with it or need to return it later, you can.”

Chamber of Trade chairman Chris Golder, manager of Scarborough’s family run chain Boyes, said the Chamber and its members are fully behind the campaign.

He said: “We are delighted to join forces with Chris to launch the SOS campaign.

“The Chamber is proud of Scarborough’s high street shops and keen to see them still here for future generations.

“New threats to their survival – whether from the internet, huge supermarkets or out of town developments – seem to grow every day.

“Small, independent retailers offer variety in a high street and levels of personal, customer care that other methods of shopping can’t match.”

The Chamber is also hoping to grow its membership through the campaign.