Shutdown at McCain as pipe cracks

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PRODUCTION at Scarborough’s McCain factory ground to a halt after a waste pipe split near a popular beauty spot.

The factory was effectively shut down for around four hours on Thursday, as the crack in the pipe, which carries vegetable waste out to sea, meant that any by-products could have flooded on to the beach at Cayton Bay.

Engineers temporarily resolved the problem by re-routing the waste pipe, first by pumping the waste to the surface where it is diverted and disposed of.

Engineers from Yorkshire Water are working over the weekend in an attempt to re-route the waste through another underground pipe.

Bill Bartlett, corporate affairs director for McCain, said yesterday: “Production was shut down from approximately 3pm until 7pm. We are now fully operational again and we are not expecting any more disruption. It is a rare event.”

Bosses found alternative duties for staff at the factory while production halted, including cleaning and maintenance.

Yorkshire Water are also in discussions with Scarborough Council over the best way to mend the original burst pipe, which is in an awkward location on the beach.

The company will have to bring machinery on to the bay to repair the damage.

“We are working hard to carry out repairs to a section of pipe on a long sea outfall that carries only consented treated vegetable waste from one of our large business customers in the area,” Yorkshire Water said.

“We would like to reassure customers that at the moment no treated waste is being discharged into the sea and that overland pumping is in place to re-route it down an alternative sea outfall.

“Over the weekend we will be working to more permanently re-route the pipe into the alternative outfall to resume normal operations. This will remain in place until we can gain access to the affected section of pipe and carry out more permanent repairs.

“We will continue to monitor water quality in the surrounding area to ensure that it meets the stringent consent levels.”