Sons welcome water plans

A SCARBOROUGH environmental campaign group has lent its support to Yorkshire Water’s plans for future investment to improve bathing water off the Yorkshire Coast.

Last week it was announced that the company plans to invest more than £40 million on improvements to the area’s sewage network to prevent untreated waste entering the sea and hopefully attain the new excellent standard for water quality by 2015.

The Sons Of Neptune has campaigned against pumping untreated waste directly into the North Sea since 1983 and Freddie Drabble, one of the group’s founder members, welcomed the news.

He said: “We’ve had meetings with them and we were fully aware of these plans – it’s the best direction to go. There’s a lot of fine tuning to be done, particularly on the maths side.”

The proposal, which is only at the concept stage at the moment, is part of a £110 million package to improve water along the along 100km of coastline and 20 designated beaches.

And the plan for Scarborough would involve the installation of giant storage tanks, to prevent drainage overflow going directly into the sea, as well as UV treatment of waste.

The additions would help the system to cope during periods of high demand such as times of heavy rainfall.

It will be critical because new tighter European standards are due to come into force by 2015. Under the European Water Quality Directive beaches will be graded as either excellent, good, sufficient or poor.

Mr Drabble said: “These proposals give a better idea of the way forward. It is like a jigsaw with a lot of pieces of information that need to be fitted together. If they don’t quite fit then questions need to be asked.”

Currently the North Bay has been given an excellent rating but the South Bay is sufficient.

A Yorkshire Water spokesman said the move highlights their commitment and determination to improve the region’s beaches and bathing waters. He added: “This is so that by 2015 we will hopefully boast some of the best beaches in Europe and have coveted blue flags flying at each of our eight coastal resorts.”

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