Spa to host major conference on oil and gas future

4th June 2012.'Stock shot of Scarborough Spa 'Picture by Gerard Binks.
4th June 2012.'Stock shot of Scarborough Spa 'Picture by Gerard Binks.

A national conference on the country’s future energy supplies will take place at Scarborough Spa on Monday.

Organised by the Onshore Energy Services Group (OESG) and supported by the Scarborough Ambassadors, the “Future Business Opportunities for North Yorkshire Onshore Oil and Gas” conference will bring together major operators in the industry along with businesses to discuss opportunities to win contracts in the shale gas supply chain.

Onshore Energy Services Group chief executive Lee Petts said: “With the potential for the oil and gas industry to really take off in the north of England with the award of the Round 14 licences, we wanted to make sure that Yorkshire businesses were well-placed to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way.”

He added that technical work, administration, catering, site preparation, transport and accommodation provision, as well skills and training roles for young people, were among the benefits.

North Yorkshire County Council is to vote on Friday May 20 on a plan for a shale gas site in Kirby Misperton. More than a dozen licences for fracking exploration have been granted around North Yorkshire.

Campaigners against fracking plan to protest at the invitation-only event on Monday morning.

A Frack Free Scarborough spokesperson said: “The fact that the 1.15pm session is entitled ‘The size of the prize’ shows gas companies and their political backers are only interested in profit.

“This community’s health and welfare is not a financial prize to be handed to the highest bidder.”

Simon Bowens, of Friends of the Earth, said: “It is absolutely unwelcome that the fracking industry is gathering in Scarborough to discuss highly questionable business opportunities.”