Supermarket saga no closer to being resolved

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Almost six months on, people living and working in the Dean Road area still have no idea what is going to happen to the Scarborough Council Depot and St Mary’s Hospital sites.

Just before Christmas last year Tesco dramatically pulled out of its bid to open a supermarket at the location.

A day later, campaigners were defeated when a planning inspector ruled that Trafalgar Street West could be closed to traffic to allow for a supermarket to be built.

Despite early indications that Asda would step into the breach and build on the two sites no bid has been forthcoming, leaving those who opposed the Tesco application in a state of limbo.

Neil Price, who fronted the Scarborough Town Against Tesco Store (STATS) campaign group, runs a business that would be directly impacted by any major development in the area.

He said: “Since Tesco pulled out, we have heard nothing concrete about what is happening there.

“I can’t walk into town without people coming up to me and asking what, if anything, is going to be built in Dean Road.

“Everyone wants to know but it seems to have gone very quiet.

“The impact of a supermarket on that land, especially in regards to the amount of extra traffic, would have a huge impact on the area. It is bad enough as it is.

“My hope is that anyone wanting to build there comes and speaks to the residents first, include us from the beginning so we get something that is workable from the 

The two plots of land are being marketed by the council and joint land owners Assura.

Scarborough Council was asked for an update on the site but had not responded to the request from The Scarborough News.