Surprises await if you head down to vaults

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Two new businesses have opened up in the Market Vaults.

Mistress Mabel’s and All About the Day both welcomed shoppers through their doors for the first time

Mistress Mabel’s Lingerie Shop are able to boast to selling things that are “a little bit different” and “are a treat for everyone.”

From studded shoes and leather underwear to full PVC suits this new lingerie store is set to cause a stir on the Scarborough nightlife.

“We focus mostly on club wear; shoes, leggings and dresses. We do also sell quite kinkier wear too but not just for women. We’ve had a few men come in to look at the selection of leather underwear.” Said owner Justine Hanson.

“We sell a bit of everything here, something for everyone. We don’t sell 12 sizes of the same outfit though, we don’t want our customers won’t be walking out of the toilets in the nightclub and seeing someone with the exact outfit. Everything is unique to the buyer.”

“This shop like Ann Summers. We sell things that are fun and can build confidence in women. I’ve had a few people compare the shop to Ann Summers which I find frustrating because we don’t sell toys or anything like that.”

As well as selling the funner things in life, Justine does sell simple nightwear too alongside fetish outfits.

Justine described how the nightlife in Scarborough has become a bit dull, as there isn’t anyone pushing the boudaries. Everyone is too similar is their conventional dresses or t-shirt and jeans combo.

“What’s wrong with going out with something sexy on and enjoying it?”

Justine is hoping to one day expand to have clothes available for everyone, no matter gender or size.

“People need to embrace what their sexuality and have fun doing so.”

Lee Gough and his fiancee Leah Dearnley have also opened their doors in recent weeks inside the Market Vaults with All about the Day

Their shop, All About the Day, which sells decorations and unique crafts for your special day.

Mr Gough said, “We sell wedding supplies and gifts, table top decorations.

“We also cover events like baby showers too but we focus mainly on weddings”

Their selection of unique and affordable suppiles and gifts are all sold to make your special day as special as can be, no matter what that special day consists of to make it as unique and memorable as possible.