Tom’s views on Town Hall

9917/33B    in Buildings           pic AH'ext Scarborough Town Hall
9917/33B in Buildings pic AH'ext Scarborough Town Hall

A SCARBOROUGH businessman has given his take on the future of Scarborough’s Town Hall.

Tom Pindar says he believes that “confusion, emotion and politics” have been clouding the debate so far.

The council is looking at options such as moving its offices to a new location, possibly out of the town centre.

Mr Pindar said all those involved need to be clear on what the town needs and how this can be achieved.

He said: “We need somewhere with dignity and quality, that is impressive for councillors to meet and welcome inward investors, conference customers, Royals and other visitors.

“The borough has many fewer responsibilities and powers than it had pre 1945 or 1974, when police, education, roads and so on were all planned and managed in central Scarborough for a town going no further than Osgodby, Crossgates and Lady Edith’s Drive.

“So fewer tasks, spread over a much larger area and serving over double the traditional populations. Thus the shape, size and location of the administrative and organisational premises, and staffing, need to be right for today and the foreseeable years to come.”

Mr Pindar said that he believes it is the duty of our council and officers to not only be cost effective and efficient, but to look at the best use for the borough’s overall economy, of the assets it uses.

He said: “That the council has enough members who realise this and are doing this positive duty by investigating the matter is worthy of public respect.

“Anyone who is campaigning to disrupt such sensible debate does no favours and is unworthy of respect. I wish the anti-change people would take an objective look at the monstrous inefficiency and running costs of the town hall offices.

“No commercial firm of status equal to our borough would keep its staff in a place full of cubby holes, draughty stairs and corridors a moment longer than it has to.”

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