Tony takes on new pub venture

The Albion pub, on Castle Road, Scarborough. Picture by Andrew Higgins 120919a
The Albion pub, on Castle Road, Scarborough. Picture by Andrew Higgins 120919a

A SCARBOROUGH pub has landed a new landlord - and the man behind the bar can’t wait to haul in new customers!

The Albion, in Castle Road, is now under the tenureship of Tony Scales.

Mr Scales grew up in a Scarborough family famous for their fishing heritage but he said he was hoping to reel in success of a different kind.

He quickly got to work and has assembled a new team to drive the pub forward, including bar manager Peter O’Toole who has previously worked at venues including the Hole In The Wall and the Tap and Spile.

Mr Scales, who’s father Jocksy was a trawler skipper in the town, said: “We are just trying to re-invigorate the pub and give it a bit of a refurbishment.

“We also want to utilise the concert room and turn it into a music venue.

“But I want to get it to the style and standard of pub that I like, one which serves really good ales and has good music.

“I’m a real bottom-ender and my family was well-known in the town’s fishing industry.

“I actually didn’t go down that route and went to university to study IT.

“But the time was right for me to have a go at this and I’ve got a great team around me.

“Peter O’Toole, who is the bar manager, is well-known in Scarborough and has previously been at pubs in the town.

“I have known Peter for a number of years after meeting him in Leeds and he also knows the local music scene very well too which we are hoping to tap into.”

He confirmed the pub would be holding a celebratory evening tonight with a live band performing and another group taking to the stage on Sunday.