Tourism chief impressed with cowboy themed holiday park

How do you think it went – that was the question asked of tourism chief James Berresford when he visited the wild-west themed Pinewood Park.

He was at the holiday park in Racecourse Road at the invitation of owners Dave and Kerry Woodhead.

James Berresford,centre chats to Pinewood Holiday park owners Dave and Kerry Woodhead

James Berresford,centre chats to Pinewood Holiday park owners Dave and Kerry Woodhead

They wanted to share their progress since acquiring the site six years ago, their plans for the future and to seek his advice.

“I didn’t really know quite what to expect but Pinewood is absolutely terrific. The place is unique and of the highest quality,” said the chief executive VisitEngland.

“I loved the phrase ‘it’s all about making memories and coming to a place like this you cannot but go away without great memories.” said Mr Berresford.

He was shown round the site which has an outdoor and indoor venue. Woody’s Barn is an emporium of all things wild west and can hold 80 delegates.

A separate field and samll wooded area are available for outdoor activities. Accommodatatio, includes native American Indian tipis, cowboy tents, wagsons and camping shacks.

Talking to David and Kerry it’s clear that they are enthusiastic and are committed to quality and custimer care,” said Mr Berresford.

We have a very different venue here at Pinewood Park and are delighted that we had the opportunity to show Mr Berresford our business first-hand. We discussed VisitEngland’s marketing campaigns and to learn how we can work more closely with the agency to attract more visitors.” said Mrs Woodhead.

Mr Berresford’s visit to the resort also included a presentation to the Scarborough Tourism Partnership Welcome to Yorkshire Coast Advisory Board about the VisitEngland strategy and Scarborough’s part in this.

“With the rising numbers of stay-at-home holiday trips it is important that we keep in touch and hear the views of the people delivering the tourism services in our resorts,” said Mr Berresford.