Town scheme proves top of the shops!

A SCARBOROUGH fundraising discount scheme has snapped up its very own award for giving a thrifty service to residents.

Peel2Save, which offers cards of 64 coupons for businesses in the town, has scooped the Best Corporate Social Responsibility honour at the Best Business Awards.

The coupons are worth more than £350 and charities, sports clubs, Scout organisations and schools sell the cards for £10.

For every sale, £5 is then pumped straight back into their own coffers to boost their work in the community.

Andrew Areoff, chairman of the judges at the awards ceremony, said he was extremely impressed with the Peel2Save campaign.

He added: “At a time when charities are feeling the pinch more than ever, Peel2Save offers an innovative new way for good causes to raise vital cash – and give something back to those who make the donations.

“It is an exceptional business model which is tried and tested in the USA and is now gathering pace in the UK - and not before time.”

Anyone who wishes to find out more about Peel2Save and obtain a Scarborough card, contact Paul Lester on (01723) 377794 or 07881987844. Alternatively, email