Tuneful trading

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A BUSINESS with a passion for music has expanded with the opening of its second shop.

Music Galleries has opened in Bar Street, just doors down from the business’s first venture Guitar Galleries.

The second shop opened as a result of customer demand, and seeks to serve “the rest of the band”, after opening Guitar Galleries in June 2010.

Director Phil Booth said: “The idea when we started the business was to get a musical community going to support local talent.

“There is a hotbed of musicians in Scarborough looking for somewhere to go, and somewhere providing expertise in a relaxed environment.

“Guitar Galleries got off to a great start. As a result of listening to our customers and what they want we have now opened the second shop for other musical needs.

“It just mushroomed out of demand.”

The business, which now employs three people, is already looking to expand further. Mr Booth explained he one day hopes to open a venue where people can enjoy coffee and food while listening to live bands and music.